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KT-7 100 x 80 Roof system with PA wings

KT-7 100 x 80 Roof system with PA wings

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Raised on 22-1/2” towers, and with 20' x 20' PA wings on
each side, this roof system provides customers with an
unobstructed opening of over 100’ (30.48 m) and a depth of
60’ (18.28 m). The grid is made up of folding 31” x 54” truss,
with truss ladders providing the up-stage/down-stage part
of the grid. This provides for a dramatically reduced size for
transport. The maximum uniformly distributed load for the
KT-7 system as shown is 140,000 pounds (63,503 kg) and
20,000 pounds (9,072 kg) max. load per wing. The system is
shown here with a roof peak incorporated into the design,
but is also available in a flat configuration to meet each
customer's specific needs. It provides a safe operating
wind speed of up to 67 mph. The required guy wires for
outdoor applications are not shown.
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