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35 years in business

35 years in business

Our responsibility to the customers, employees and communities where TOMCAT has a presence at the local, national and global level is taken seriously and with great care. We recognize that Corporate Responsibility is central to sustainable growth, particularly as customers and other stakeholders increasingly consider these non-financial issues part of their decision making process. 

Our employees

  • The members of our team are extremely important and valuable assets of the company.
  • We know that our employees provide the skills and creativity which drive our business.
  • TOMCAT promotes teamwork, individual responsibility and the strength that comes from diversity
  • TOMCAT is an equal opportunity employer and constantly offers career opportunities to talented and skilled individuals who are interested in working in a friendly, competitive and global company
  • We recognize that through their creativity and hard work, our employees have helped to make TOMCAT the successful global company that it is today.

The environment

After more than 25 years of existence, we continually look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  We strive to minimize the waste of resources and by-products created through our manufacturing operations, so the impact to the environment and the communities where we operate are reduced to the maximum.

Techniques for material savings are integrated into our manufacturing process:

  • Before processing a piece of aluminum extrusion, we ensure that the maximum amount of material is used from the tube, bar, or aluminum plate, so that there is minimal waste. This may include combining multiple orders to get the best material savings.
  • We order relevant material lengths to ensure that we have the least possible waste
  • We continuously optimize our production methods to reduce defects and scrap
  • Our waste is properly recycled to reduce impact on the environment
  • We minimize our packaging in an effective and environmentally friendly way
  • We minimize our wood consumption by recycling broken/used/damaged pallets and even make use of broken pallets to create long and customized pallets


Since the establishment of TOMCAT in 1987, corporate social responsibility has been at the core of the way we do business and how we interact with our employees, the community, and the environment.

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