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Product Quality and Safety

Product quality and safety

All TOMCAT products and solutions are designed and manufactured with the needs of the end customer in mind.  All safety issues are identified and addressed for all levels of operation, including handling, transportation and usage.  TOMCAT maximizes the safety elements of its products while satisfying its customers’ needs.

The quality and safety measures built into every TOMCAT product and solution include :

  • Compliance with ANSI E1.2-2012
  • AWS certified welders
  • Only mill-certified materials are used
  • All structural fabricated components are designed by a professional engineer licensed in the United States

TOMCAT has a long history of being a leader in rigging and trussing courses for entertainment industry professionals. Since 1993, they have conducted a wide range of seminars and educational workshops across the world and will continue with this tradition far into the future. TOMCAT is committed to the ESTA Technical Standards Program Rigging Working Group and has contributed to numerous published ANSI standards for the entertainment industry.

TOMCAT is committed to PLASA (formerly ESTA) Technical Standards Program Rigging Working Group, and has contributed to numerous published ANSI standards for the entertainment industry.

TOMCAT is a member of key industry associations


The Entertainment Services and Technology Association is a non-profit trade association based in North America with members around the world. ESTA's members are responsible for creating some of the most important programs in our industry including the Technical Standards Program, Entertainment Technician Certification Program and Rental Guard.

For more than 50 years, USITT has been serving the needs of design, production, and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry. USITT is the only association that brings together all the "behind the scenes" disciplines of theatre and live performance under one roof.
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