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64 x 55 BFT with PA wings

64 x 55 BFT with PA wings

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Basic info

The 64 x 55 BFT Roof System utilizes the same format
components as the 64 x 40 BFT Roof and has an
additional main cross stage truss span for support of
larger productions. The general dimensions of this BFT
is approximately 64’ wide x 55’ deep, not including the
optional PA Wings shown here.
The maximum uniformly distributed load capacity for
this BFT is approximately 65,000 pounds. It can also be
customized to suit each customer’s specific needs, which
also includes being designed for permanent installations.
Guy cables are required for temporary outdoor
applications. Permanently installed BFT systems can be
designed without the need for external guy cables, due to
modifications carried out on the tower components.
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