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64 x 40 BFT

64 x 40 BFT

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Standing for "Big Frame Truss", the BFT roof design is true to
its name as it features 26” x 36” crossstage truss,  26” x 43”
end truss and folding 26” triangle truss as the up-stage/down-
stage part of the grid. The system utilizes 16” x 16” towers. The
general dimensions of the BFT are 60’ x 40’ (18.29 m x 12.19 m),
not including the optional PA wings. It provides a safe operating
wind speed of up to 67 mph and the live loads (equipment loads)
that can be applied to the system include a 60,000 pound
(27,216 kg) uniformly distributed load (UDL) on the main grid -
making it the right choice for a range of applications.
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