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PRT Sunshade peaked with wings

PRT Sunshade peaked with wings

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Basic info

Long demanded by the touring industry, the Pre-Rig Truss
(PRT) Sunshade has quickly become a favorite system for
small to medium-sized productions. Designed for rapid
disassembly and mobility, the PRT Sunshade may be
utilized in a variety of venues. More importantly, the system
is built from industry standard components, like 93”
Double Hung Pre-Rig Truss and Mark I Towers, which add to
its versatility.
Two options are available. The “Peaked” Sunshade is
patterned after our BFT, where the cross stage runs of truss
are sloped approximately 5% to form a peak in the center.
A canopy is attached to the components of the main body.
The “Flat” Sunshade (shown below) incorporates a canopy
rail system above a flat Pre-Rig Truss grid to form the roof’s
pitch. Both options are available with PA Wings formed
with a 123” section of Double-Hung Pre-Rig Truss used to
connect each downstage tower to an additional tower.
It provides a safe operating wind speed of up to 40 mph
and the live loads (equipment loads) that can be applied
to the system include a 16,000 pound (7,258 kg) uniformly
distributed load (UDL) on the main grid and a 5,000 pound
(2,268 kg) speaker load on each PA Wing - making it ideal
for many applications.
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