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65 x 45 Ladder roof

65 x 45 Ladder roof

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Basic info

The 65 x 45 ladder roof is the newest member of TOMCAT roof
systems and is similar to the 45 x 45 ladder roof. It is designed
to meet customer demands for a more economic truck pack
without sacrificing its loading capabilities. Constructed with an
optional perimeter of folding 20.5” x 30” truss, it uses a system
of single truss ladders to form the internal grid. The ladders are
joined by TOMCAT’s own unique intersection spigot connection.
The use of the folding box truss, along with the ladder grid,
allows for compact shipping and storage. Due to its unique
design, a maximum uniformly distributed load of 20,000 pounds
(9,072 kg) is still provided. Available in smaller configurations,
the 60’ x 40’  (18.28 m x 12.19 m) is shown here without the rafters
for the canvas or the guy wires, which are required for outdoor
use. It provides a safe operating wind speed of up to 67 mph.
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