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46 x 43 Roof

46 x 43 Roof

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This roof design has long been one of the most popular
ever offered by TOMCAT, due to its loading capabilities and
ease of transportation. Because of its unique construction,
including sleeves for the 12” tower that are built into
the perimeter grid, the system boasts a total maximum
uniform distributed load of 16,000 pounds (7,258 kg) and
provides a safe operating speed of up to 67 mph. The name
of this roof is derived from the outside dimensions of the
grid: 43' (13.11 m) deep by 46' (14.02 m) wide. In addition
to the ability to erect the system in just a few hours, all
components of the entire structure easily fit into a mid-sized
truck. The system is shown here without the guy wires that
are required for outdoor installation.
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