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Light Duty 12 x 12 Ultimate Hinge

 Light Duty 12 x 12 Ultimate Hinge

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Technical information

  • Constructed from aluminum with a steel hinge for high strength, reliability and safety
  • Steel lifting eye for use with electric hoists
  • Eliminates book corner damage
  • Available with either a plated connection that’s compatible with our Light duty 12 x 12 plated truss
  • or a spigot connection
  • Fully load bearing hinge with an allowable capacity of 1/2T or 500 Kg

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Basic info

Our  Light Duty 12 x 12 Ultimate Hinge provides interesting angles for creative lighting setups on your lower capacity support structures. Its hybrid design of aluminum and steel components provides a low self-weight compared to existing load bearing hinges that are often constructed completely from steel

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