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New angles on creative lighting

New angles on creative lighting
We help Lighting Designers unleash their creativity with our new Ultimate Hinge! The unique design of the Ultimate Hinge allows for extreme flexibility for height and angular adjustment of truss for exciting backdrops and support structure configurations!
A combination of aluminum truss and steel hinge parts, the Ultimate Hinge connects seamlessly with our Light Duty 12 x 12 plated truss, with a spigot connection version also available. It features an integrated high strength lifting eye for safe and simple connection with your electric hoists or lifting points. Unlike similar products, the Ultimate Hinge is engineered to be fully load bearing with an allowable capacity of 1/2T or 500 Kg.
Enjoy the freedom and unleashed creativity Ultimate Hinge provides for the creation of new and interesting lighting arrangements within your truss structures, while eliminating potential damage to your conventional book corners.
Click here for more information about the new TOMCAT Ultimate Hinge.
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