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Rising up with the Sandia mountains

The Sandia Hotel and Casino is located in the dry, unrelenting desert heat of Albuquerque and features a unique amphitheater with a massive TOMCAT-designed truss grid structure.  The majestic Sandia mountain range serves as an impressive backdrop for this premier Albuquerque outdoor venue, which lays more than 5,000 feet above sea level and hosts a wide variety of top shelf musical acts.  The immense 60’ x 52’ truss grid was designed to optimize sightlines and is supported by four towers which mimic the hotel’s distinct architecture.  These towers provide lateral stability to the grid using a discreet guide system on the front face of each tower.  Additionally, each tower contains a hidden tandem hoist system for raising and lowering the truss grid.  The front towers are set back to create a downstage cantilever on the front of the grid (20’) which lends an open feeling to the stage area, while providing excellent viewing angles from each of the 4,000 seats.
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Rigging & Trussing
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