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TOMCAT “Tried, Tested, Trusted”

TOMCAT “Tried, Tested, Trusted”
TOMCAT has been the leader in trussing and portable outdoor roofing systems for decades, setting the standard across the United States and the world.  Their installations can be found in many venues, cities and communities, as well as stage structures that have toured the planet.

To celebrate their long and successful history, the TOMCAT team set out on a quest during the summer of 2012 to capture the essence of TOMCAT and its structures in cities across America.   Their goal was to document installations that embodied the “Tried, Tested, Trusted” values and speak with customers who were able to confirm the validity of these values.  It was a quest for the true spirit of TOMCAT.

The TOMCAT team visited Las Vegas, New Mexico and Texas to take photos of standout TOMCAT installations and film interviews with many satisfied clients.  Their quest ended where it all started, the heart and soul of TOMCAT in Knoxville, Tennessee.   At TOMCAT headquarters, they took pictures of the manufacturing facility and did some filming.
Members of the TOMCAT team were accompanied by a Swiss film production crew that took photos of the TOMCAT installations and filmed the interviews. 

The resulting photo and film footage of the tour painted a picture of the very soul of TOMCAT in the United States.
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