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TOMCAT Supports Marvel Universe LIVE!

TOMCAT Supports Marvel Universe LIVE!
One of the biggest names world-wide in truss systems and equipment, TOMCAT, has done it again, this time with one of this year’s’ largest touring productions, Marvel Universe LIVE!

TOMCAT, teamed together with TAIT Towers to provide the main structural and scenic components that are over the performance floor for Feld Entertainment’s newest arena-show, Marvel Universe LIVE! Approximately 350 feet of fly track truss and 1000 feet of mother grid truss combine together to cover the floor from downstage up to the set structure. Fly Tracks, Statue of Liberty Crown, Spiral, Scenic Catwalks and Automation Supports all come together for the needs of the show. “This was a massive project for TOMCAT, and the first project with this type of scope to be fabricated out of the new Knoxville facility. To get back to this type of work is something that we are very proud of within TOMCAT” explains TOMCAT President/CEO, Scott Johnson.

Marvel Universe LIVE! is currently touring North America as part of their 85-city, two year tour. This is an epic show that you don’t want to miss out on. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: www.marveluniverselive.com.
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