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TOMCAT now serves Central and South America

TOMCAT now serves Central and South America
Event production in Central and South America is a vibrant and thriving industry. TOMCAT, the largest truss and support structure manufacturer in the Americas, demonstrates its commitment to serving the needs of professionals in these important regions with the establishment of TOMCAT / James Thomas Engineering Latin America.

Based in Miami, Florida, TOMCAT’s new office will be led by entertainment industry professional Jose Luis Rosche. Rosche has been part of the entertainment industry for 27 years and is President / Owner of the entertainment company Roc-Off Productions.

After closing its facility in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2012, TOMCAT focused on restructuring and growing its operations in the United States. Three years later, it has made its way back to the Central and South American markets. With the establishment of a new Latin American office, old and new customers have convenient access to high quality TOMCAT products with industry-leading durability and working strength.

One of the keys of TOMCAT’s success over the years has been the extraordinary service it provides to customers. The new TOMCAT / James Thomas Engineering Latin America office will continue this tradition by delivering top levels of customer service, which include education and training. As a result, Central and South American customers will fully benefit from TOMCAT’s deep well of experience and acquire valuable information on how to work safely and effectively with its high quality products.

TOMCAT looks forward to creating a strong partnership with its customers in Central and South America, and providing them with innovative, tailor made solutions for the Latin-American event production industry.
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