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TOMCAT improves its welding productivity

TOMCAT improves its welding productivity
TOMCAT recently introduced a new monitoring system for its welding processes that’s based on QR code scanning. This new system greatly improves TOMCAT’s welding productivity during the manufacturing process by providing online information about the welder, product, welding operation and order number of each TOMCAT product.
This new system of scanning allows TOMCAT management to determine productivity of the manufacturing process on a daily basis and tailor its management to achieve stable production, and improve its efficiency on an ongoing basis. This is especially important for times during the year when an increase in demand is experienced.
A cutting edge web-based application is used for TOMCAT’s new monitoring system, which saves all data to the cloud. Therefore, monitoring is independent for each location and all information is easily accessible to other business units in the company.
TOMCAT is dedicated to constantly improving and refining its manufacturing process to ensure its customers around the world receive the highest quality products in a timely and efficient manner.
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