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TOMCAT and JTE surprise at LDI!

TOMCAT and JTE surprise at LDI!
We would like to thank the huge amount of visitors who came to see the selected TOMCAT and JTE products we had on display at this year’s LDI Show.
This year’s show was really special for us. Not only were two new, innovative products from TOMCAT revealed at the show, but it was also the first LDI Show attended by the brand new TOMCAT/JTE west coast team. 
The two new TOMCAT products unveiled at the show were the Lighting Pod and Zig Zag truss.  Both were extremely well liked by visitors and greatly appreciated for their innovation and practicality.
The new Lighting Pod is unique innovation, as it offers Lighting Designers a much broader canvas for their creations and affords them the opportunity to present “walls of light“ on a much larger scale than with traditional truss profiles. Extreme adjustability and flexibility allow for the use of multiple lighting options within one framework that can be utilized both vertically and horizontally.
TOMCAT’s new Zig-Zag Truss is another unique concept that combines the advantages of Pre-Rigged Truss - efficient truck packing and speedy load-in/load-out – with a hinging spigot design that allows folding of the truss system over itself for efficient storage/travel and trouble-free unfolding via vertical lift and pinning applications.
We enjoyed seeing you all at the show and look forward to LDI 2019!
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