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Last chance to attend the live webinar by Norbert Tripp

Last chance to attend the live webinar by Norbert Tripp
Enormous interest was shown in Norbert Tripp's live webinar from both the European and American markets. Capacity was completely filled within hours of being announced, and in a word, your feedback on it was amazing! For this reason, we have decided to do an additional (and last) reprise of this webinar on Thursday, 13 August at 18:00 CET. Book your place now before it’s too late.

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Date: 13th August 2020
Time: 06:00 PM (CET) / 12:00 AM (EDT) / 09:00 AM (PDT)

The corona pandemic, and the associated restrictions on personal contact, has contributed to an increase in the popularity of drive-in theaters across many countries. The screens are usually inflatable movie screens standing on the ground or LED screens suspended by a truss structure.

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Tripp, Technical Director of Area Four Industries, explains the peculiarities of "temporary outdoor LED screen structures" in a session that lasts about 90 minutes. With the help of descriptive graphics and on-site videos, the behavior of LED screens is described, what effects they can have on the supporting structure and how these special characteristics are encountered in practice.

The session includes explanations of what to consider when hanging LED walls, what information is provided by the relevant standards and what a good structure should be able to do.

What did participants say about the previous episodes?

It was a fantastic seminar. Well prepared with all possible questions asked and answered. This topic has been around for years and you are the first one to properly cover it.

I just wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to present a very informative webinar. Your points and opinions were great at stimulating some very valid learning points. I look forward to your next one.

It was a great webinar - answered a few questions that have been bugging me about grounding screens mid show or over night.

… and many others.

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