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The TOMCAT story began with one man's vision. In 1985, Tennessean Mitch Clark foresaw the extraordinary potential of truss on the American market and started his own business. The brand he founded satisfied an unfulfilled need, which led to continuous success year after year with a design that was born from American technology and brought to life with robust construction. 
The success that followed for the TOMCAT brand can be attributed to the close attention paid to the design and manufacture of each and every product, as well as their effort to build a strong reputation in customer-oriented service. The combination of these factors fostered the growth of TOMCAT and contributed to the rapid success of its business activities in the U.S, Canada and South America. In 2013, the production department was further strengthened by the appointment of Will Todd as Chief Operational Officer.
In today’s world, TOMCAT still believes in making truss that is built to last. They understand what life is like "on the road", and therefore, design products with a focus on durability. TOMCAT are confident their well-built truss is a good investment for customers, due to the reliability, versatility and trouble-free use it provides them for many years, and many events, to come.
Mitch Clark was a true truss and staging pioneer in America and is an integral part of TOMCAT’s spirit. The extraordinary solutions he created were able to convince The Rolling Stones, Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group to speak about the advantages and features of TOMCAT products, and how they performed in truly demanding applications. Recognition from these iconic performers led to the iconic status the TOMCAT brand and its products enjoy to this day.
Looking to the future, the TOMCAT brand will continue to dictate and define the direction truss and support structures take in the American market. Leading by example.
Strength Under Pressure. It’s engineered into everything we do.

Our team:

Will Todd                                        
President / CEO

Adrian Forbes-Black
Vice–President – Sales & Marketing

Keith Bohn  
Business Development Director

Dani Stancer
North Eastern Sales Manager

Gene Matera
South Eastern Sales Manager

Sean Scanlon
Western Sales Manager


Douglas DeBusschere
California Sales Manager

Lucinda Woods
Customer Service Manager

Harry Beauregard
Product Manager


Our mission
We are committed to providing innovative products and innovative solutions to serve the challenging needs of our customers. We accomplish this through:

  • Progressive design and engineering
  • A quality team of craftsmen 
  • Superior Service
  • Our people and products consistently perform with "Strength under pressure" it's engineered into everything we do.
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