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Technical information

Technical specifications

  • Complies with CE, CSA and Ghost standards
  • Easy changeover between body up and body down positions
  • Electric limit switch as standard on config B
  • Hoist comes with a black chain
  • Specially designed ChainFlux MKII® chain guide
  • New “Perfect Push®” 5 pocket load wheel with 5 intermediate guide teeth
  • ACF control board (config A)
  • Adjustable torque limiter
  • Maintenance-free DC disk brake
  • Power options:
             208v / 230v / 3Ph / 60Hz
             460v / 3Ph / 60Hz
             415v /3Ph / 50Hz
  • Black hoist body (RAL 7021)
  • Rotating upper and lower hooks along with fixed body hook available
  • Retractable, rubber clad handgrips
  • Lifting hook with ergonomic, rubber clad gripping surface
  • High capacity, reversible chain bag
  • Available plugs:
  • CE type plugs (config A, direct control hoist only)
             7 pin
             Dual Twist Lock
             L14-20 or XL R for local control

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Basic info


› Hoist body is powder coated with black, protective 70μm paint, allowing it to perform under the most extreme conditions
› Hoist meets ecology regulations and is RoHS compliant
› New “Perfect Push” patented concept, which uses a 5 pocket load wheel and is fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This innovation improves guiding and flow of the chain , which helps reduce the risk of the chain jamming
› Chai...
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